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OTA course & its teachers’ team work

【Advanced TESOL certificate】

The TESOL program consists of

  1. 35hs In-class course
  2. 30hours Oxford Teachers' Academy Online course (Either Teaching Young Learners or teaching Adolescents)
  3. 15hrs Classroom observation
  4. 30hrs TKT preparation

【Advanced TESOL course highlights】

  • Tesoltaiwan provides highly qualified and experienced TESOL trainers whose goal is to effectively teach you how to become a professional ESL/EFL teacher.
  • We guarantee class size of 6 to 12 people.
  • All TESOL trainers are native English speakers with an MA degree or higher and a TESOL certification
  • Practical teaching practice integrated into each class


Candidate will be awarded with an OTA, Oxford Teachers’ Academy for completion of the online portion and an  American TESOL Institute Advanced TESOL Certification after completion of the in-class portion of the course.

Education Direction
Jocelyn Lu
Cambridge International Education Institute was established in 1993 in Taiwan, in the vibrant heart of downtown Taipei. Our students are all adults, undertaking courses in IELTS preparation, especially in Teaching English to Children as well as Advanced TESOL Certificates. Classes are no larger than 14 students and no smaller than 6, maintaining individual attention for each student regardless of the subject. The teachers and trainers employed by CIEI are amongst the best educated expatriate teachers in the country and therefore offer the highest level quality classes and to their pupils.
This year, CIEI has been fortunate enough to become accredited by the College of Teachers. We sought this level of official recognition first of all because we knew our courses were worthy of it. Secondly, we desire our courses to be of the highest quality and belonging to an institution such as the College of Teachers validates that fact. More importantly, though, we gained this accreditation for our students. They work very hard to finish our courses and acquire as much knowledge as they can from us; they therefore deserve a well-respected name to add to their accomplishments. Having a certification from, or having completed a class affiliated with, a name such as the College of Teachers is a prestigious accomplishment for our students. This is something they can show employers in the future and it will be recognized and revered.
The staff of CIEI is especially passionate about obtaining this well-known accreditation because they personally have seen the need in their country. The education system here is quite traditional, and consequently the students end up being able to access their receptive skills with much higher ease than their productive skills. In addition, the mode of learning to which they are accustomed is quiet and passive. For our students who want to study abroad, they yearn to be more comfortably active in a class in preparation for increased expectation of class participation and diverse teaching styles. For our pupils who are already teaching or want to become teachers, they see the lack of varied methodologies in the classroom and want to make learning more fun, and therefore more effective, for their own students.
The majority of our students are currently Taiwanese. They seek our courses to strengthen their CV and improve their future. We do hope to extend our teacher-trainee population to include native speakers of English as well. The TESOL Certificate is designed for both native and non-native teachers, but we believe that all would benefit from experiencing diverse perspectives to teaching and learning, leading to an even better and broader class experience. There is a huge quantity of native English speaking teachers in Taiwan, and many have no certification or training. With the omnipresent schools for children and adults here, we feel that offering the only valid certification would not only help our school and our students, but also the amazing number of people who study English in this country.
So, with our excellent reputation and our newly established affiliation with the College of Teachers, we really do expect to further educational quality in many aspects for our school and for Taiwan. We can’t wait to see what the future brings!