My name is Derick. I would like to introduce myself briefly. I have been teaching EFL in Taiwan for 13 years now, at various schools in Taipei. I have taught all age groups, including Preschool, Young Learners, Teenagers and Adults. My experience also includes different levels of learners ranging from Beginner and Intermediate to Advanced learners.

My teaching philosophy is very clear. I need to keep in mind the individuality of my students and settings, and that language learning is complex, and that there is not only one way to teach all students. Differentiated instruction is necessary in order to get all students connected and involved in the learning process. Therefore I believe that different theories and teaching methods have to be applied in EFL classrooms.

Student involvement in the learning process is essential. I expect learners to actively engage in communication and apply critical thinking in activities. Students must be motivated to take charge of their own learning experience and become active learners outside of classrooms as well. Students should not only depend on teachers.
I am looking forward to seeing you in class!
Nationality: South Africa
  Nova Southeastern University
2011 íV 2012 Master of Science in Education (M.Sc.Ed.), TEFL
Cambridge University ESOL section
2009 íV 2012 N.D.P., - Speaking Examiner for YLE, KET, PET - Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Modules 1, 2 and 3
London Teacher Training College
2009 íV 2010 Diploma TESOL; Diploma Business English; Certificate TEFL; Certificate TEYLT;, Young Learners, Teenagers, and Adults
University of South Africa
1995 íV 2000 LLB, Law
University of Stellenbosch
1992 íV 1994 B.A., Law Major (Minor in English Literature)
Present career
  IELTS instructor, Cambridge Taipei
TESOL trainer, American TESOL Institute, Taiwan branch

July 2013 íV 2014
Business English Instructor at Gjun (Taipei Main Branch)
--- Instructing adults and business professionals in formal classroom settings. Levels: Advanced, Intermediate, and Pre-Intermediate adults

August 2011 íV 2014
EFL Teacher at ChingShin Private Elementary and Middle School
--- Teaching EFL to Young Learners
--- Methodology/Techniques:
Beginner Level - CLIL, Immersion, Communicative, TPR, Whole Language, TBL, PBL

August 2011 - August 2013
EFL Teacher Part Time at JLS Language
--- Beginner and Intermediate learners, Adults and Teenagers
--- Methodology/Techniques:
Beginner Levels - Communicative, TPR, Music, Ed.Technology
Intermediate Levels - Communicative, Direct Instruction, TBL, Ed.Technology

August 2001 - August 2013
EFL Teacher at H.M. Corporation
--- Teaching EFL to Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Learners
--- Methodology/Techniques for:
Beginner Level - CLIL, Immersion, Communicative, TPR, Reader's Theater
Intermediate Level - CLIL, Communicative, Direct Instruction
Advanced Level - Communicative, Direct Instruction, TBL, Integration of Technology and the 4 Skills

August 2001 - July 2011
EFL Teacher at Joy School
--- EFL teacher : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced learners
--- Methodology/Techniques:
Beginner Levels - Communicative, TPR, Songs
Intermediate Levels - Communicative, Direct Instruction, TBL Advanced Level - Communicative, Direct Instruction, TBL