I am an educator with 15 years of experience in teaching English, ESL/EFL, TESL/TEFL, Linguistics and Social Studies. My experience, passion and creativity are qualities I look forward to sharing with you and help you improve your teaching skills.
Nationality: Canadian
Master of Education, Brock University
Honours B.A. Applied Linguistics, Brock University St.Catharines ON.
IELTS instructor, Cambridge Taipei, Taiwan.
English instructor, Taipei American School, Taiwan.
April 2007- April 2009 Academic Manager of Upper Career College of Business & Technology Inc.(UCCBT), Canada
  • Produced school curriculum and support materials for TESL Program.
  • Teach the 1 TESL course in the college
  • Created new courses in classroom management and educational equity.
  • Secured approval for all new college courses with the Ontario Ministry of Education.
  • Interviewed, hired and trained all new college faculty.
May 2006 V Aug 2006 Teaching Assistant of Brock University, Canada
Aug 2003 V Aug 2005 Head Teacher of English Studio(An English international elementary school), Tokyo, Japan.
  • Produced & evaluated school curriculum and support materials.
  • Created new courses to better reflect the surrounding community.
  • Taught primary / secondary grade classes in English, science, and social studies, and advanced courses in TOEFL, TOEIC and public speaking.
Oct 2002 V May 2003 on-call ESL Instructor of the Toronto Board of Education, Canada. Sep. 2001 V May 2003 ESL instructor/ Teacher Trainer of the English Seminar: Toronto Ontario, Canada.
  • Taught lessons to culturally mixed classes of adult ESL students Selected or created teaching materials appropriate for each class.
  • Reviewed and revised several existing school courses.
  • Introduced new courses in TOEIC, pronunciation and cultural comparison.
April 1999 V April 2001 English instructor / Taskforce leader of Tokyo Foreign Language College, Japan.
  • Instructed core classes with a set curriculum, subjects included: ESL, Business writing TOEIC and TOFEL.
  • Headed a taskforce responsible for evaluating and revising academic changes.