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They all said it’s great to has a TESOL Certified teacher to join us!
日期 職務名稱 公司名稱 地區
2019-08-20English Language Teacher ...南京長頸鹿美語
2018-06-24Teaching in
2017-06-05full-time Taiwanese teacher...南京長頸鹿美語
2017-06-05full-time teacher...南京長頸鹿美語
So you have decided to teach English in Taiwan, now you have to find a job. It's not as easy to find a teaching job as it was 5 years ago in Taiwan, however it is still not that hard. There are many sources that you can use to find that ideal teaching position that your looking for. We have listed many sources on this website, but there are number more that you can use. You must also decide what kind of teaching position you would like so please read through this section of our website. We have tried to include everything you need to know about selecting the ideal job for you.

Job Sources
  • There are three English newspapers that always have a load of ads for English Teachers, especially on the weekends. Check them out they can be purchased at most 7-11s. The newspapers available are:
    The China Post
    The Taipei Times
    The Taiwan News
  • Again you can use the internet to do job searches and post your information in the classified ads.
  • It is very easy to pick up the phone and call schools to see if they are currently looking for a teacher. Even if they aren't you may want to leave your name and phone number as they may need someone in the future.
  • Contact an agent that can help you in your search for a job. However I recommend that you first take a look at our section on using agents.
  • Post an ad on a free classified ad listing on the internet.
  • Post an ad on a bulletin board at some of the foreigner hangouts, most places that cater to foreigners have some kind of bulletin board that you can use. This can be a great source to look at ads as well as pin up your own. Some of the places that you may want to check for a bulletin board are restaurants, pubs, Chinese schools, organizations, etc.
  • Drive around your neighborhood when you have time and you are sure to spot some small cram schools or kindergartens. Simply drop in and say hello, if you find that no one speaks English don't panic. Just prepare some business cards beforehand with your name and phone number on them and give them one. If they need a teacher they will find someone who can speak English to contact you.
  • Ask other foreigners or students that you know if they know of anyone that may be looking for an English teacher.