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TESOL student, Cindy: Her energetic teaching attitude always influences the class, meanwhile, teaching English through activities make students more clear and fun.
Let’s see TESOL student Kelly and Nancy share their experience in TESOL course
She already had 7 years teaching experience, and she still attend TESOL course !!
TESOL student Marie is going to share her learning experience with you.
We all get our TESOL certificate / Diploma in Tesoltaiwan.
How about you?

Come and see what the student say about the TESOL course!

What People are Saying About TESOLTAIWAN
John Liu
TESOL Certificate Weekend class (March 5 – April 2)
We have learned many skills relating to different styles of teaching and it’s useful for me. Terry is a very funny teacher, I like how he organized the material & always have plenty of handout to give to us.

Wendy Hsieh
TESOL Certificate Weekend class (March 5 – April 2)
Experienced, well-organized, and clear explanation.

TESOL Certificate Weekend class (March 5 – April 2)
I have learned lesson plan set up, grammar, listening, speaking, and reading teaching skills. Terry is a good and nice person. Resourceful, professional, and skillful.

Hanry Kuo
TESOL Certificate Weekend class (March 5 – April 2)
I have learned grammar teaching skills, own style of teaching, and different games. Terry is practical, professional, to the point, a really cool guy!

Amanda Lin
TESOL Certificate Weekend class (March 5 – April 2)
I have learned the lesson procedure, teacher’s role, and different ideas of teaching method. The tesol trainer, Terry, is a precise, professional, and really inspirated teacher.

Sidney Chou
TESOL Certificate Intensive class (September 27-October 1)
“Excellent! Learned a lot with such short time.”

TESOL Certificate Intensive class (September 27-October 1)
“Borris is a very experienced trainer. I am glad that we had him. He was being very clear about everything and made me feel it’s possible to be a good teacher. Thank you!”

David Moore
TESOL Certificate Intensive class (September 27-October 1)
“Much admiration for Borris’ skills of delivery, coaching, leading the spirit, and knowledge. He’s very good, and glad to have had him.”

Claudio Jun-I Puggion
TESOL Certificate Intensive class (September 27-October 1)
“He is a fantastic teacher, very available, full of resource and experience.”

TESOL Certificate Intensive class (September 27-October 1)
“Clear voice, Confident, Firm, Good methology to access teacher trainer“

TESOL Certificate weekend class (June 5, 19, 20, 26, 27)
"With all the materials we received, I think it would be better if we can have more time to absorb and let what we learn sink in." "Jessica is very energetic and kind to students. She brought lots of fun into the class and always praises us even when we make mistakes which makes us relax in the class. I think Jessica is a very experienced and professional teacher. I learned a lot in the past few weeks. Thanks Jessica!"

TESOL Certificate weekend class (June 5, 19, 20, 26, 27)
"Every class should focus on “student centre” which most teachers in Taiwan use TTT more. Plus, we learnt how to make a clear lesson plan before a class starts."

TESOL Certificate weekend class (June 5, 19, 20, 26, 27)
"TESOL course let me learn: 1. Reduce teacher talk time 2. Be creative 3. Use activity and methodologies" "Thank you teacher. No matter how you were tired, you were always energetic and full of passion. I learn a lot of things here. Sometimes are interesting while all stuff are useful and practical. Thank you again." Patrick Cheng
TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (May 3 ~ May 7)
“Awesome energy and enthusiasm for class extensive knowledge base to learn from great sense of humor always make the class more engaging and fun.”

Ivy Mao
TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (May 3 ~ May 7)
“Teacher Borris is fantastic!! During the course, I have not only learned a lot but also improve a lot. (teaching ways. English skills etc.) The class was very interesting and fun.”

Dani Wu
TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (Mar.29 ~ April 2)
“I have learned teaching skills, different activities in class, culture differences, human psychology etc.”
“Experienced, intelligent, humorous, patient, tolerant, caring, generous in sharing life stories and know how to make adequate examples to explain abstract ideas. In short, Borris is awesome.”

Eugene Kim
TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (Feb.1~Feb.5.2010)
“Borris is an effective instructor. Enjoy learning from him. Ways easy to understand, obviously well-experienced, and very personable.”

William Wang
TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (Feb.1~Feb.5. 2010)
“I have learned things you don’t learn at work and in class. Different sets of skills and teacher Borris’s experience is really big plus!”

TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (Feb.1~Feb.5.2010)
“Borris is an experienced teacher. I learned a lot from him even if I have 6 years of experience in teaching. The openings from him would be helpful for my teaching career.”

TESOL Certificate Intensive Class (Feb.1~Feb.5.2010)
“Borris is a fantastic teacher, he has a lot of experience of different levels and groups, that makes his training course more practical. I am glad we had him as our trainer.”

Kiyomi Mai
TESOL Certificate weekend class (Dec.5 ~ Jan.2.2010)

Peggy Chang
TESOL Certificate weekend class (Dec.5 ~ Jan.2.2010)
“Great class! I was inspired in every moment. I was encouraged to think about more and more and hope to create my own teaching method.” “I love Jessica. She’s so energetic that I was deeply moved by her. Past teaching experience brought me good and bad. Fortunately, Jessica’s class takes me far away from the old ones. ”

TESOL Certificate intensive class (Dec.21 ~ Dec.31.2009)
“Borris is a good teacher. He has very clear teaching content and also the complete planning.”

Charles Yuan
TESOL Certificate weekend class (Aug.8 ~ Sep.5.2009)
“The teacher is well prepared and organized. The class has been the right tempo that we can catch up and do enough practice to implement all the teaching skills for further English teaching career.”

“I have learned teacher roles, teaching methods, error correction, solve problems in the classroom, how to teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the correct way.” ”

Brain Bartolini
TESOL Certificate weekend class (Aug.8 ~ Sep.5.2009)
“Tom and Daniel were very knowledgeable and friendly. They taught us in a manner that was both interesting and engaging. Overall, I enjoyed the course very much. I learned the balance of TTT and STT, I learned how to organize a lesson, and elicit answers from the students.”

Deepti Au
TESOL Certificate Intensive class (July 27 ~ July 31, 2009)
“I have learned how to conduct activities in class, what are the theories and methods of teaching English, and how to make lesson plan.”

Marcus Ma
TESOL Certificate Intensive class (July 27 ~ July 31, 2009)
“I have learned techniques and principles in English teaching, class control, role play, teaching through activities, planning lessons.” “Jessica is an excellent teacher I’ve ever met. Everything taught is just great. She never makes students frightened and encourages students all the time. I believe that all students must love her class.”

Wayne Wendall Jaeger
TESOL Certificate Intensive class (July 27 ~ July 31, 2009)
“Teacher Jessica is fun and professional, could even spend more time telling us about classroom situations rather than the theories that we can read in texts.”

TESOL Certificate Weekend class (Jun 13 ~ July 11, 2009)
“The main things I learnt are teaching methods (Ex: TBL, PPP…) I know how to use different methods for different learners.”
“Jessica is definitely a great teacher. Her funny personality rids my tension and gets me involve the lesson. ”

Sandy Li
TESOL Certificate (Feb.21~Mar.28,2009)
“Teacher Jessica Beck is a energetic and powerful teacher. She is full of passion to teach for students. I am glad that I can learn from her teaching methods and teaching style at this course. ”
“The main thing I learnt is that teachers should be different roles in activities.”

Yunique Lin
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TESOL Certificate (Dec. 15 to 20, 2008)
“I always want my students actually learn what they should learn, but think they’ve learn a lot. Letting them do more practice is way more useful than telling them, lecturing them all the time. Adon is a very experienced and cool teacher. He is clear instructor. I’ve learned a lot from him. Thanks!! ”

Judie Lu
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TESOL Certificate (Dec. 15 to 20, 2008)
“ Adon is very thoughtful on every details. No matter during the lessons or the handouts, they are all very helpful. The way he taught engages our interests as well.

Eric I Han Chen
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TESOL Certificate (April 18 to May 13, 2008)
“Yes!! I did learn many things from the course. Although I have some teaching experiences, I didn't train to be a teacher. During this course, I found some skills and methods which are familiar. Also there are some skills and methods that are new for me. I can use those methods and skills in the real class.”

Tina Ya-Ling Tseng
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TESOL Diploma (Aug. 25 to Nov. 10, 2007)
“My teacher, Tom, is a brilliant, excellent TESOL trainer. He always gives us good advice, sharing his experiences, and gives us creative suggestions and useful advice. I like his teaching style. It is very touchable with his encouraging when I am depressed with facing difficulties. His sense of humor makes the class interesting. I am always happy to be in class even though I am exhausted. Thanks, Tom! You are good!!”

Vincent Chun Han Lin
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TESOL Diploma (Sep. 10 to Nov. 21, 2007)
“My teacher Adon is really experienced, generous to share his teaching experience and professional. I learned a lot from him. I'm really glad to have him as my teaching trainer.”

Pohebe Chang
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TESOL Diploma (Sep. 10 to Nov. 21, 2007)
“Teacher Adon is nice and patient. He helps us to think by asking us question. Though I am not an impulsive learner in class, I always think twice after class. Also, Teacher Adon asks us to give examples or explain what the sentences means. That really helps. I might not be the best but I am the happiest reflective learner. He is different from the teachers I've met before. Thank you very much, Teacher Adon.”

Emily Hui-Chi Chan
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TESOL Diploma (Aug. 25 to Nov. 10, 2007)
“The topics of the course are clear. The course procedures and assignments support course topics. I enjoy the course and can feel my improvement.

I was enthusiastically involved in the activities of the course, and gained a great deal of practical knowledge. Now I have gradually changed my teaching style. I have put more engages and activates in my teaching. I feel that this course helped me develop the desire to continue learning in the future.

Mr. Tom Leeming explained everything clearly with good examples and illustrations when teaching. After our presentations, he made helpful comments and was actively helpful when we had problems. He is a great teacher. I enjoy his teaching.”

Chloe Ching Wei Yung
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TESOL Diploma (April 18 to June 5, 2008)
“The course was pretty useful for me. Some of the concepts I could apply to my classroom and have changed my general philosophies on teaching English.”
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