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TESOL國際英語教學師資認證 ===平日班 7/2~7/13 周一~五 9:30~13:00==週六班 8/4 ~9/8 10:30~17:30=== 限額招生中!!
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CڱШ|UCambridge International Education Institute (CIEI)YAmerican TESOL InstituteX@AuWӷ~^yоǽҵ{A60pɪҵ{UѮvM~BhVӷ~^yоǤk׻PޥC ҵ{iWiסAiftiTESOLҮѽҵ{CzLߵUAiɦSOuf! TESOL for

  60hrsҵ{M`ӷ~^yоǤkΡBӷ~ҷ|ܵoBӷ~ѫHоǡB]gM~λyоǵCɶaIAuW׽ҡCAXu@cΦ۾ǩʱj̶iC~ѬAmerican TESOL Institute{oTESOL for Business Certificate.  

American TESOL Institute ?
American TESOL Institute (ATI)کʵۦW^yvVcAgѬvȦ{Ш|{iAѱM~ӷ~^yBൣ^yUMuWTESOLҵ{AѻPҵ{zNo쪺کTESOLҷӡAq@ɬҥiϥΡA]O㤽HO^yо¾ҩC

American TESOL Institute offers a number of great TESOL certification programs. We offer the standard certifications for teaching abroad, as well as a program designed specifically for those who want to teach business English.

  • 1. zгyۤvDz߼ҦM
  • 2. ̷ӱzɶwơAbaξADz
  • 3. ai[
  • 4. YKu@cAzzLҵ{کʪTESOLҮ
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Step 1:

Step 2:
  • (1) uWҵ{eMоǤj(MoodleMAdoben)
  • (2) ЬѤ@Bql
  • (3) uWQ׫ǡAzMӦۥ@ɦUaPǥHαzɦѮvQק@~
  • (4) uWDz߶i׵q
  • (5) wuW^yоǬy
  • (6) ¾ʤСBiZn
Step 3:

One of the great things about the certification process at American TESOL Institute is that we offer online courses. You can become fully certified in teaching English all from the comfort of your desk. We ship out a textbook and from there all of your lessons will be e-mailed, completed online using Moodlec and Adobec software, or sent by traditional mail. In the student area you are able to chat live with instructors, complete your assignments, and track your progress towards TESOL Certification. The TESOL for Children certification includes guaranteed job placement teaching English to children in Asia, Latin America, The Middle East, Europe, or Online.

Login to complete assignments, post messages, and view progress towards TESOL certification Post your resume and picture on our web site for employers worldwide Interact live with American TESOL Instructors online

  • 1. ~Ү/^yQ
    English Fluency / High school Diploma
  • 2. {^yթιqܭ^y
    Face to face interview or either phone or skype interview
American TESOL for Business 60 hour online program consists of assignments and readings from American TESOL: Teaching Business E-book, and Barron's ESL Guide to American Business English.

  • yPoоǧޥ    Pronunciation 10 Hours
  • ӷ~^yоǤk    Approaches 10 Hours
    • Art/Musical
    • Lexical Method
    • Audio-lingual Method
    • Total Physical Response
    • Communicative Approach
  • ӷ~ҷ|ܱо    Pronunciation Practices 10 Hours
    • Telephone English
    • Business Dining
    • Meetings
  • ӷ~ѫHо    Writing Practices 10 Hours
    • Resume Writing
    • Business Plan
  • ӷ~]gM~λyо    Financial Terms 10 Hours
    • International Trade
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Investments
    • Portfolio Management
  • `Ʋ    Review 10 Hours
    • Rassias Method - Fundamentals - Why it works
    • Business Ethics
    • Online Time with Instructor
    • Final Essay

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